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Discover Roubaix with one of its inhabitants, a Greeter

Our Greeters, passionate and voluntary inhabitants, take part in the life of Roubaix which is “a World City”. Its very rich industrial past explains the presence of pagodas and mosques alongside the diversity of Christians who try to “live together”. They will show you the very diverse economic vitality that is still very much alive today. This will take you on walks full of surprises as you see how all these old buildings have found new life. On these large walls, the Street Art artists also let their imagination run free today.
The Greeters of Roubaix take you for free, with fervour and all their heart. A unique moment of sharing, a true meeting!

Barbieux Park – © Photo credit Pauline Bailly

Roubaix street-art city – © Photo credit Loic Trinel

Justice Palace – © Photo credit Roubaix-Tourisme


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Roubaix, le renouveau

Choisissez pour moi ...

Ambassadrice de Roubaix

La passion de la ville

Le patrimoine industriel

City Hall – © credit photo Arnaud Loubry

So that the visitor can discover Roubaix “differently”, soak up its atmosphere, meet its people and understand the territory,
The Greeters are happy to welcome you, as they would their friends. They are volunteers in their free time, to share their passions during a walk and a friendly meeting. They are true ambassadors of their territory, they can also share their favorites and good plans.

All right, are you guys ready for discovery?

What do our visitors say after a walk in Roubaix with a Greeter?

Octobre 2019
Nous avons été accueillis et guidés – à la Villa Cavrois puis à travers Roubaix, notamment à “LLa Piscine”, par Marie-Christine Sergent : ce fut une rencontre très enrichissante ! Marie-Christine (qui ne prétend pas être un “guide historien”) nous a fait découvrir les lieux de façon très “vivante” ; c’est une personne chaleureuse, très attachante, qui a “pris soin de nous” et… avait du mal à nous quitter ! (c’était réciproque !). Nous avons connu Roubaix du point de vue d’une “habitante” qui aime sa ville ! Grâce à elle, nous ne “bouderons” plus le Nord de la France ! !

Annie B.

Tours - France

Novmbre 2019
Sylvie est absolument charmante, simple et très accueillante, elle aime les gens et cela se ressent dès le premier contact. J’ai beaucoup aimé partager cette balade greetée avec elle et je la recommande vivement. Notre échange a été pour moi d’une grande valeur et d’une grande chaleur. Merci Sylvie pour ce beau moment simple et riche à la fois, et merci pour le temps que vous m’avez consacré.

Martine R.

Vulbens - France (74)

Novembre 2018
I would like to thank Laurence Claeysen for the wonderful afternoon I spent with her last Wednesday in Dunkerque! She showed me the beautiful Belle époque homes who survived the times as well as brought me back in time to “show” me those not there anymore. It was a time traveling experience! Laurence was super well prepared with photos and was very knowledgeable. It was also easy to schedule it all with her before hand. She is a very generous person who had a lot of patience with my broken French. I would like to thank her as well as the International Greeter Association for this unforgettable experience! Denise Guimaraes Dunkerque 2/11/2018

Denise M.


Archives Nationales du Monde du Travail – © credit photo Roubaix Tourisme

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